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Definition of all our products



The Gourmet Corner

Only high quality products

       Our first objective: to offer our customers the best products; a prompt, quality service and the constant satisfaction of our customers. Our first objective: to offer our customers the best products; a prompt, quality service and the constant satisfaction of our customers.


 - Red wines:  - young, crianza (1.5 to 3 years ageing), reserva (minimum 3 years ageing), gran reserva (5 years ageing), reserva privada, etc...


 - White and rosé wines:  - Blanc de Blancs, Chardonnay, Muscat, Sparkling etc...


 - Liqueurs, Brandy:  - Majorcan herbs (sweet, semi, dry), palo (aperitif liqueur), rum, cremadillo (a rum liqueur), caña (a brandy made of distilled sugar cane), brandy of 15, 30, 35 and 50 years.


 - Cheeses, Patés:  - semi-cured cheeses (from cow and goat) of different weights. Patés of different varieties and sizes: spicy, natural, without chemical additives, etc...


 - Sausages:  - products (traditional pig sausages, black pig and white pig): Majorcan sobrasada, spicy, payesa (peasant), longaniza, camaiot, longaniza in a Vic style.


 - Natural honey:  - from all kinds of flowers, nuts, fig bread, apricot bread, honey liqueurs.


 - Preserves, Jam etc...:  - natural, without chemical additives, from high-quality fruit + other products with figs etc...


 - Olive oil and vinegar:  - virgin, extra virgin, with aromatic plants, with spices, hot, aromatic plants with virgin olive oil, mushrooms in virgin olive oil, white wine vinegar, cider vinegar, crianza wine vinegar, balsamic, vinegars with aromatic plants, from wine with mint, from honey with orange, etc.


 - Olives 1:  Olives 2:  - green Majorcan olives, split olives, black olives, fennel, capers, tomatoes in Olive oil, etc...


 - Almonds:  - Almonds of every kind: fried, toasted, raw, split, sliced, crushed.


 - Biscuits and Lollipops:  - typical and natural Majorcan biscuits, biscuits with oil, normal and wholemeal, wholemeal biscuits without salt, wholemeal picos with sesame, big handmade lollipops.


 - Nougat and sweets: - Nougat of Almond Milled Artisan, Nougat Strong Artisan. Supreme Quality product.            natural, without chemical additives.


 Ecological products:  - peppers, capers, preserves, etc...


- Decoratives Candles: - Decoratives candles, only candles with waxes of high quality, smokeless and with good scents.        Only handmade.


 - Blow glass: - vases, glasses, bottles, for ice cubes,  recipient for oil, bowls etc...

Only handmade.


- Cosmetics and perfums: 


 - Embroidery: - Majorcan embroidery, guarantee their elegance and high quality (Cloths, jewelers, trays, marks, cushions, clocks, key rings and other decorations.)                                               

Only handmade.


 - Textiles:   - Cloths of tongues - Typical cloths to decorate seats, sofas, to make curtains and other articles of decoration.

(handmade fabrics traditionally for the decoration of Majorcan homes)


 - Stoneware ceramics: - plates, trays, Jardinieres etc...  of sandstone (grés) and refractory material                         Only handmade.


 - Earthenware ceramics: - plates and very colorful decorated bowls with flowers and fruits, tiles, clocks with electrionic system etc...

Only handmade.


 - Painted Art Tile: Painted by hand, by Adriana Cerecero "Paintress" (decoration
with typical drawings of the Balearic islands and abstract).

Paintress of the Mediterranean "Balearic islands"


 - Pocket knives and kitchen or table knives: The Knives of Shepherd, of Fisherman, of Grafting, the Trinxet Mallorquín. The Knives 100% handmade. Variety of handle (marine Wood, Olive tree wood and horn of lamb). The blade of the knives are all of stainless steel. Handsaw of pruning, normal and Japanese tooth (ideal for fruit-bearing and other green branches)

All Handmade


If you cannot find something, send us an e-mail and we will find it for you.


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