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The Gourmet Corner


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Cheeses, Patés


Natural honey

Preserves, Jam

Olive oil, Vinegar

Almonds etc...

Olives 1 etc...

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Biscuits, Lollipops

Nougat, Sweets

Ecologic products


Decorative Candles

Blow glass




Stoneware Ceramics

Earthenware Ceramics

Pocket and kitchen knives

Painted Art Tile

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While you buy in spain-island.com 

  (Vending in web S.L. Nif: B-57212698)


Feel comfortable and discover the wide range of our products. 


Surf through the families of products: 


The families of products are located on the superior part of the screen and to your left.

At  the beginning you have: 

"The Gourmet Corner" where you will  find food products and even ecological products. 


Next you will find the  whole range of products of our store. You may surf on your own through the different product families and look for that what you are more interested in.  

It easy to find since you will always have it fixed on the left of the screen.  All the pages where you can buy, with the exception of  those pages with specific information of the articles. (The more detailed pages can be seen when you click on a picture that allows this function. You will be able to identify them easily because it is written under the pictures or because, when you place the mouse over them, a small hand appears). 


Once located the product 


Making click on the picture of the product, (on those that indicate it and where a small hand appears) you will be able to get a detailed description of it  with a picture of better quality. 

If it is the product that you are looking for,  you only have to add it to the shopping trolley pressing the button  "buy". In case you would like more than one (1) article of the same reference, just  press the button "buy" and you will add  to your shopping trolley the inserteded quantity. 


Your purchase 


The shopping trolley with the products you have selected or added. 

There exist several possibilities that you can carry out with the shopping trolley of your purchase: 

  - How to buy: once you agree with the selected articles included in it, you can fill all the requested data and press the

button  "send order". The order will already start and we will send you an e-mail confirming the reception of your order in


- How to erase: in any moment a complete reference of your shopping trolley  may be eliminated just by pressing the button  “erase”

If you press the button "erase" you will eliminate the article and  the total amount will be calculated  again. 


Payment modalities 


The prices of the shop and transport have the VAT (spanish taxe) included.
For wines and liqueurs = 16%
For any other feeding product = 7%
For some completely raw feeding product and not elaborated as raw almonds = 4%
Any object of Handmade and craft = 16%


Security Payment with their credit card: This payment form, will be for you high security payment. By this payment system, the data of their credit card (VISA, MASTER CARD, MAESTRO y 6000) are transmitted encrypted with the protocol of security SSL, with this method risks don't exist for the buyer.
The data of their credit card are not also recorded in our server, they are transmitted encrypted directly to the bank that approves or it doesn't approve the operation, without us to know in any moment the data of their credit card.


Cash on delivery: we will send you your order according to the means you have chosen in your order. The moment the carrier delivers your order in hand, you shall pay the total amount of the invoice so that the carrier can leave the order with you. This payment form has a surcharge for the national territory (spain) of 6% on the total of your invoice and a minimum of 7€ and for international transport of 6% on the total of your invoice and a minimum of 22€.
This payment form is limited to a maximum of
150€ for order (costs transport included). For superior quantities it contacts with info@spain-island.com


Money order: you can also choose this method and pay in advance the total amount of the pro forma invoice or delivery note that we send you. Once spain-island.com (Vending in web S.L.) receives the payment via money order it will proceed with the delivery of your order following your requirements.


Bank transfer: as with the former method, the payment will be in advance and for the value of the pro forma invoice or delivery note we send you. Once spain-island.com (Vending in web S.L.) receives the payment via bank transfer, it will proceed with the delivery of your order following your requirements.


You may make the deposit in the following bank:


Bank Bilbao Vizcaya Argentaria.

Account number: 

 0182 - 2156 - 11 - 0201505768     


Once the amount has been deposited, we will proceed with your order. Please, bear in mind that the transfer will not take effect until at least 48 hours (only counting working days) after the deposit. The delivery will not take effect until you press the “send order button at the bottom of your shopping trolley.  With a bank entrance in currency, this is immediate.

Once all your information is entered and this button is pressed, your order will be sent to spain-island.com (Vending in web S.L.).


We thank you for you confidance in us and we will show you our appreciation in own dealings with you.


  (Vending in web S.L. Nif: ESB-57212698)



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